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            Acrylic Resins

            Urethane Elastomer Systems

            Polyurethane Dispersions

            Boron Compounds

            Custom Toll Manufacturing

            Our Almatex ? GMA Acrylic Resins, Andur ? Urethane prepolymers and curatives, and Almabor? Boron Compounds are just three product lines that empower hundreds of applications world-wide, in markets as diverse as automotive coatings, adhesive, sealant, elastomers, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and catalysts.


            Ecovadis Platinum Recognition 2021:

            It was a very proud moment for Anderson Development Company (ADC) when we were awarded a Platinum rating for our 2021 assessment by EcoVadis, an independent 3rd party organization and the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability rat...

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            Latest News

            Pack the Pickup 2020

            December 17, 2020

            Though 2020 has been a difficult year for so many people and even today, many people in the community are still out of work.  Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and all that it has brought, ADC still participated in our annual Pack-the-Pickup event and continue to support those in need in our communities. This year, we collected 1,720 pounds of food and donated a generous monetary gift along with gift certificates. ADC grateful for the generosity of our employees even during these difficult times......

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            Polyurethane Manufacturer's Association (PMA) 2021

            Anderson Development Company will be attending PMI 2021 August 7-9 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


            European Coatings Show

            Anderson Development Company will be attending European Coatings Show September 14-16 in Nuremburg, Germany.


            CPI 2021

            Anderson Development Company will be attending CPI 2021 October 5-7 in Denver, Colorado.

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            The "Development" in Anderson Development Company

            Anderson Development Company (ADC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitsui Chemicals, is an award-winning, innovative specialty and custom chemical manufacturer. We're committed to providing value-added solutions through our research and development capabilities.

            Contact Us

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